Please please please!

Stop saying "eck-scape." Or "eck-specially." But eck-specially "eck-scape."

It doesn't matter if you do now...we can look past that.

Just change your ways. Repentance is real, people.

The word is escape. E-S-C-A-P-E. There is no room between those first two letters for anything else. I mean really, doesn't adding the letters make it more awkward? "Eck-scape" is much harder to say than "escape."

I know the English language has a lot of pronunciation-related tricks up its sleeve, but this word is not one of them.

Hey- I'm not judging or anything. If you love love love saying that word that way, more power to you. Everyone...prefers...different things. I, for example, have no problem ending a sentence with a preposition. In fact, it is something I am quite fond of. HA! But seriously, I screw up too. We all have our quirks.

Just...try to control that particular quirk in front of me.