Calling all women!

No, boys, this one isn't for you.

Also, if you're a boy- why are you visiting my blog anyway? Just wondering.

Ok girls, I'm in serious need of some chick advice.

My sister is getting married in a few weeks (yay, Sister!), and I am the resident Matron of Honor (yay, Me!). As such, I was given the chore task joyous responsibility of coming up with some games for us to play at her bridal shower.

I have never been part of the bridal shower planning committee.

I think I have been to...three...maybe four....bridal showers in my life. Two of them were my own.

I don't want to do all the games we did at my showers, because (duh) my sister has played them. I want to be unique, gosh dang it!

And I am currently swimming in a sea of lame ideas I got off the internet.

I think I have one game - one - that I am pretty sure we're going to use. One game is not enough, people!

Also, 70 people were invited to this bridal shower. My food-preparing grandmother and I are praying that not this many people show up...but even if they don't, we're talking a fairly large group.

So, I need game ideas. For a fairly large group. By Saturday.

No pressure, people.

I just might never speak to you again if this thing is a flop.

Also, if you know my sister and didn't get an invitation to her shower- trust me, this is a serious oversight. We probably didn't have your address. Because I'm pretty sure we covered everyone from childhood friends to random people we barely know anymore. So please don't feel bad. And if you feel like you should be there, come! I'll hook you up with all the deets.

Ok now that the polite disclaimer is out of the way...give me those ideas. I await your brilliance.