Did you notice?

That is my question for the day. Well, did you?

I finally caved and put a little music player thingy on my blog. So now, not only can you READ the essence of all things me, but you can HEAR it as well.

It's kind of a multi-sense-ational experience.

But seriously- did you notice?

Because even as I was choosing the songs to put on my little music player thingy, I thought to myself- "Self, how many times have you turned the volume on your computer OFF just so you wouldn't have to HEAR the essence of all things other people, and you could just READ it instead?"

"Well, Self, I've done that quite a lot."

"So you kind of just assumed that your readers would want to become your hearers too, Self?"

"Well, I don't know, Self, I guess I never really thought about it."

"Well, you should as least ask them how they feel about it."

"Good idea, Self. How's the family?"

So, as my Selves suggested, I'm asking you- do you have the sound on while you're blogging? Do you listen to the music someone has playing from their blog? Do you enjoy it? Does it reveal something deeper about the blogger? Or... do you listen to your own music, so blog music just gets in the way? Or do you read blogs when other people are around- other people that might not be as inclined to hear my essence as you are? Or do you just hate music all together?

These are the things I wonder.

Basically, I'm trying to decide if I should keep my music player.

So...did you notice? Do you care?

I hope you have more important things to care about...