We have a new ward (church congregation, if any of y'all aren't hip to the LDS lingo. Which is cool).

We love our new ward.

Our new ward meets at 8:00 AM.

We do not love that our new ward meets at 8:00 AM.

Dallin thought he would love it. I thought it might be nice.

I was wrong. And so he was wrong. Because if I'm not happy, he's not happy. And I have made it quite clear that it is very difficult for me to be happy at 8:00 AM.

Ok but seriously. Lots of people claim to really love the early church thing. And hey, I'm sure some people actually do love it.

But you know what? I feel like a lot of people "love" the early church thing because it "gets church over with." No one will ever say that to you, of course. They'll say, "Oh, I love having church early! It just gives you the rest of the day to...." and then they kind of trail off to leave you wondering about how they spend the rest of their day when pesky church is "over and done with."

Not that everyone feels that way. I mean, maybe no one does. Maybe I just dislike early church so much that I can't imagine anyone genuinely liking it.

I can see how it could be an excellent start to your day...

but not if you're just so crazy tired (possibly from not being able to really sleep? Not that I currently have this problem) that you can't really focus on the meetings/lessons.

And not if having that "tired start" makes it so you don't want to do anything when you get home besides crash for an abnormal number of hours, making the rest of the day all but completely wasted.

And not if the early morningness makes you be unjustly cranky to your husband, which hurts his feelings, which hurts your feelings, which makes you cry.

Simply stated: Early church makes me very tired. Tiredness makes me unfocused, lazy, and something akin, in manner and sound, to a witch.

It's not like it's physically impossible for me to get up early. I really can get up early if I need/want to. (Shush, Dallin, dear.) And it's not like I'm going to stop going to church because it's too early. That would be quite the waste of the past 1,100 (give or take) Sundays of my life.

But really, I'll be glad when it's January and our schedule changes. Sundays are too important to not be enjoyed.

Thank you. That is all.