Attention Oreo Lovers

I'm not talking to the casual Oreo eater here, people.

This is for Oreo LOVERS. Like, Oreos are as common in your pantry as cereal or pasta or bread. Or you've had Oreos for breakfast before.

Yes, those people. I am looking for you.

I have noticed something about my Oreos as of late. You must know that on a typical Oreo, both sides of the cookie have an imprint on them. It looks like this:

This nifty little design is usually on both outer facing sides of these delectable cookies. Am I right? Of course I am.

Well, in the past (ahem) couple of packages I've bought, there are some cookies that follow this traditional pattern, but then there are OTHER ones that (are you ready for this?) only have this pattern on one side.

The other side?


And THEN, take the cookie apart, and...

The pattern is not gone, it's just facing the cream! So the cream gets on the cookie, and there's a little design imprint in the cream, which I would take a picture of... but (a) it would probably be pretty hard to see anyway and (b) I'm already amazed that Dallin hasn't looked over here to see me taking pictures of my Oreos on the computer. I'm still trying to convince him that I'm normal. It's taking a while.

So anyway, I'm wondering...have I just bought (ahem) a couple of defective packages, or have you other Oreo lovers noticed this too? Why are only some of the cookies put together this way? If this change was made on purpose...why?

Why? Why? WHY?!

And why do I care?