Sicky McSickerson

Everything sounds better in (Blank)y Mc(Blank)erson form. Observe:

Sweety McSweeterson
Hottie McHotterson
Stinky McStinkerson

It's really the only thing I remember from my high school calculus class, in which my teacher would commonly refer to himself, students, or math problems as Trixie McTrickerson.

Which I guess sounds better, since "Trixie" is actually a name.

But you know, whatever.

I am currently Sicky McSickerson.

Would you like to know how long I've been this way?

I developed a nasty sore throat plus cough thing a few days before Madelyn was born.

Why yes, that was a MONTH ago, now that you mention it.

It got a little worse, then it got a little better, then it got all the way better, then about two days passed, and now I'm sick again.

And it's an annoying sick, let me tell you. Stuffy and coughy and headache-y and no appetite-y (which is why my pregnancy weight was gone in what was probably an unhealthy amount of time that I have decided not to reveal) and just all around blegh.

What I really need is a good old fashioned, high-powered anti-histamine, something that will just suck all the moisture out of my body and knock me out for several days.

Oh wait...

I can't sleep because I have a child to care for, AND said child would probably be in nutritional trouble if ALL the moisture in my body dried up, if you know what I'm saying.

Which is why the doc says I can't take any medicine.

So what the heck do I do? I guess I'll just take some Tylenol for my headache and drink tons of orange juice, even though I don't really like orange juice. And sleep with the humidifier. Or, as it is, sit up awake in bed with the humidifier.

And now Dallin's sick too. He didn't get whatever I had before and after Madelyn, but he's got what I've got now.

And it's Christmas.


Humphrey McHmpherson.