Our Dishwasher Sings

Is there anything about your house that, you know, kind of...freaks you out?

I just decided that for me, it's our dishwasher. It sings.

Now, don't go all Nancy Drew on me and decide to investigate this the next time you are at my house, because I'm pretty much positive that it will NOT sing when you want it to.

It will probably only sing when it's late at night, and you're alone, downstairs, cleaning up the kitchen.

You turn the dishwasher on and grab some Oreos to congratulate yourself on a job well done...when you could just swear you hear music. Music that has no business playing in your house at such an hour. It sounds like it's kind of coming from a distance, like maybe upstairs or in another room with the door shut. There really shouldn't be any music playing...but wow, you think you hear it. Is it your cell phone ringing upstairs? No, your ringtone doesn't sound like that. And who'd be calling so late. No...it can't be your phone.

Suddenly, you realize it's (dun dun DUN!) the dishwasher! You try to drown it out, try to convince yourself that, oh yeah, it does sound like a dishwasher...but to no avail. It doesn't sound like a dishwasher. It sounds like music. How creepy.

And then the sink disposal kicks in to do whatever it does when the dishwasher runs and it makes you jump a mile.

And as you're running upstairs to hide under your covers you think you hear voices floating up from the kitchen...or maybe it's the music again...

Or maybe you're just insane. But we all know that's not very likely. It's much more likely that your dishwasher is on a mission to fully creep you out.

And dude, mission accomplished.