Water for Elephants: DNF

I put down Gruen's Water for Elephants for the last time last week.

I was on page 159 of 331. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

I was barely reading it anyway, what with the swear words and the, well, inappropriateness. Call me a prude if you want.

I don't understand why books have to have that kind of crap in them! I would think that it is possible to write an interesting, historically sound story about a circus without being quite so blunt and detailed about the sexual side of things. Just my opinion, I guess.

This one caused quite a bit of buzz, and was on bestseller lists for a while, so I'm bummed about it being unreadable. I looked up the end on Wikipedia, so I at least know what happens.

Another potentially great story, ruined by sex. Shame.

Up next: Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. Anyone read it? I haven't started yet.