Remember those incredibly cute Disneyland pictures I just put up?

And those also incredibly cute family pictures I put up a while ago?

Well, if you clicked on those links, you may have noticed...they're gone. (UPDATE: They WERE gone, but now, they're back. See follow-up post. Hooray!)

It's because I'm an idiot.

It's also because Blogger is an idiot. If that's possible.

So...for some reason, on my computer, it is SUPER INCREDIBLY MIND-NUMBINGLY INSANELY YOU-WOULDN'T-BELIEVE-IT-LY HORRIFICALLY difficult to post pictures on my blog via Blogger. I'll put the cursor where I want the picture to go, upload the picture, and the picture will always always always load to the top of the post. No matter what. I've Googled quite a bit to find a solution to this, and while I've found many people with the same problem, I've never found the solution.

SO if I upload my pictures to Blogger, I have to drag and drop them through my entire post to get them to the right place in my post. It. Is. Annoying. Especially since I tend to be...oh, you know, tending to utilize prolific phrases in order to effectively communicate whatever it is that I happen to be wanting to say...AKA "wordy." So I have to drag my pictures through all this text, and for some reason, dragging doesn't make the text box automatically scroll, so I have to drag it down as far as I can, let go, scroll down, and repeat.

Oh. My. Kill me.

SO when I have multiple pictures to include in a post, I use Wordpress. They go right where they're supposed to, thank you very much. I just write my entire post on my mom/sister's Wordpress headbands site, and then copy/paste the whole thing into Blogger. Not ideal, but so much better than the drag and drop.

And then, today, I was an idiot.

I was updating said headbands site when I noticed all those extra pictures hanging around in the media folder. I was like, "Oh, those are taking up space. I should get rid of those since my posts are already published." As I look back now, I hang my head in shame. Deleting those pictures from the site from whence they came will also delete them from the site to whence they went! (No, I'm not sure if you can say that like that.) So obviously, when I clicked on over to my blog today, no pictures. Slapping of the forehead ensued.

So, my pictures are gone. Indefinitely. I think (hope) I just need to re-upload them to that Wordpress dashboard.

Sigh. Because I have time to do that.

Speaking of spending time appropriately, I am supposed to be doing homework right now while Dallin watches the baby for me. Um...awesome.

Maybe I'll get it all done and then delete that too.

**p.s. If any of you have/had similar problems with uploading pictures to Blogger and know how to fix ME. That would make you one of my favorites. Which would be sweet, trust me.