When we first visited the house that is now our own, the backyard was a scary, scary place.

Totally overgrown with weeds. The pool was a toxic swamp. There was a ginormous mound of dirt up against the wall that was probably covering some sort of horror. Anyways, it was uuuuuugly.When we moved in, we made the pool blue, cleared out all the weeds, leveled out the grave, and left it at that. No time (read: no money) for pretty-ifying.

A few weeks ago, since we thought we had money, since we got our tax refund, and since our entire air conditioning system hadn't blown yet (which is another story for another time), we decided it was time to do a little Extreme Makeover: Backyard Edition.

Here are some pictures of our journey:

Dallin put in a whole new sprinkler system, because he's awesome and (somehow) knows how to do things like that. He dug all the trenches and laid all the pipes and set all the heads and everything. Tell me that's not hot.

Then all the holes got filled in, and he dug a trench for our little brick thing that would separate the rocks from the grass.

Then that brick (wall? path? divider?) was laid, and the ground was cleared of weeds and leveled as much as possible to get ready to put the rock and grass in.

Dallin's mom leveled out this part. Thanks, Dixie!


And then...grass!


Still to come...a pool fence. Right now our only defense against unwanted swimmers is a "high up" doorknob on our back door. And an immobile baby. But the gate will soooo be in by the time she starts moving on her own.

HUGE thanks to everyone that helped. You know who you are!

And since a backyard is no good unless you enjoy it...

This little girl in a swimsuit is just about as cute as can be.

So..who's ready for a BBQ?