Extreme Makeover: Master Bathroom Edition

When we moved into our lovely home (almost a year ago!), the ONLY room that did not get touched AT ALL was the master bathroom. The laundry room was painted, closets were painted, even the pantry was shown some love, but we decided that the master bathroom was something that we could hold off on. AKA we were sick of house projects.

Well, the last couple months have found me itching to do something to our master bathroom. Why? Observe:

While these pictures were taken after our shower curtain and towels and such had already been removed, this was the general idea of our bathroom. Ho-hum.

So, about 5 hours of work later and....

Ta da!

Let me point out some of the features of this, our new bath space:
  • painted a nice, neutral gray
  • new shower curtain and towels
  • new light fixtures
  • framed mirror
  • decorative touches, including the wall sconces, flowers, and apples
All done pretty cheaply, I might add.