So...I feel like lots of people swoon over fall.

Am I right? I think I'm right.

Well, I am not really among the swooners.

Sure, I like fall. I may even like fall a lot. I like Thanksgiving. And I like pumpkin things. And I like the end of 142 degree weather every.day. And fall means almost Christmas, which is super cool.

Yes, fall has its benefits, but in the end, I'm more of a spring/summer kind of gal.

Except for one thing - sweaters.

Dude. I love sweaters.

Maybe it's because I love layered looks. Maybe it's because I don't love my arms. Maybe it's because sweaters keep you (mostly) warm, and I'm a huge fan of warmth. But whatever the reason, I think sweaters are the bomb. I even have short-sleeved cardigans that I like to wear in the summertime.

And I know - I KNOW, OK?! - that most people don't really consider Arizona's fall to be "sweater weather," but guess what? I do. 70s or below = sweater.

So here's some sweaters that I'm currently loving/coveting. Yes, they're all from American Eagle. If you don't know by now that I love me some AE, well, now you do.

Oh, the cuteness!

For Dallin: I guess I'll have to wait until Christmas...since I would never just up and buy a $40 sweater! Sheesh!

For everyone else: I guess now I just have to decide which one/two to splurge on.