That one time we built a computer in our kitchen

If you want a media center built right, you have to do it yourself.

By "media center," I mean home for all things media related in the Harris household - music, movies, TV, etc.

Apparently, this basically just takes a computer that is built and set up in the right way.

Thankfully, my hubby's brilliance extends to building and setting up such things in the right way.

Which is how it happened that we found ourselves in our kitchen last night, building a computer.

This is probably where I should mention that it took me all of about 30 seconds to hurt myself.


And this was one of those cuts that sliced under my skin. Kind of like a hard core paper cut, you know? Anyway, it hurt. And it happened while we were pulling the first piece - literally, the first one - out of the box.

So I pretty much spent the rest of the time taking pictures. Using my middle finger, since my index one was the injured one.


I also handled a screwdriver a few times, and unwrapped some things. It was actually a big deal that I unwrapped things because *apparently* static electricity is a big deal with computer parts and even a little amount that is too small for you to notice can ruin a part for good. Dallin told me this, and then expected me to touch anything. Silly boy.

So, we're cool? Right? Right?! I mean, have you built a computer in your kitchen?

Mm hmm.