I have something to say.

I've just gotta do this. It's practically not even an option.

Now, before I do it, I've gotta tell you: we've all been there. I'm not trying to offend you. I'm not calling anyone out specifically. I've just noticed a little teeny tiny something that is begging to be blogged about.

I repeat: I've done this too.

Okay, disclaimer over. Here it goes:



What do I mean by that?

I mean that the plural of my last name, "Harris," is NOT "Harris's." Or "Harris'." It's Harrises.

As in "The Harrises are weird about their punctuation."

You are talking about more than one Harris. No apostrophe.

The Smiths.

The Joneses.

The Browns.

The Clarks.

The Johnsons.

If you include an apostrophe, you are making the word possessive, and you must include something that the people own, like:

"The Harrises' house has artwork depicting punctuation in it." (It doesn't...yet.)

"The Smiths' biggest fear is that the Harrises will come over for dinner and only talk about punctuation."

Does this make sense? Okay.

But really, it's okay if you've made this mistake. I make mistakes with my grammar/punctuation/life all the time...sometimes on purpose (except for the life one, I think). So please don't be offended. We can all just agree to keep it in mind, right? Right.

Sing it with me: "And the world will be a better place."