A Wanted Ad

Married w/kid 20-something female seeks new immune system to replace current weak sauce one.

Ideal candidate is diligent, hardworking, and consistent.

Must be able to work with a pregnant body. Current system takes a vacation in the Bahamas during pregnancy. Unacceptable.

Experience drying up mucus is required.

Accepting applications now.

But for goodness' sake, don't tell my current immune system, or it might turn on me even more.

Currenly, I am...

  • sick
  • unshowered
  • yuck
  • on prescribed medication for the first time in a loooong time
  • not pregnant (I had to make sure before taking said prescribed medication)
  • feeling my head expand as the mucus threatens to take over
  • coughing
  • not coughing anymore
  • wanting to forget that I have a face
  • just remembering that I need to sleep with the humidifier on tonight
  • yuck again

Sleepy time. cross your fingers that (a) my sinus infection goes away and (b) that it does not go away into my baby. Dallin already had it, so your time to cross your fingers for his health has passed. But go ahead, if you really want to. It won't hurt anyone.