On the fence

Remember our awesome backyard makeover a few months ago?

Awesome, right?


Remember how I mentioned that all that was needed was a pool fence?

Well, in the name of ending suspense...I present to you...


Are you excited? Amazed? Stunned? It's okay, I'll give you a minute to collect yourself.

I'd say it sort of detracts from the overall beauty of the backyard, since you no longer have an unobstructed view of the pretty blue water and rock fountain. Maybe like a 20% detraction.

BUT it's a 100% improvement in safety! Safety first!

So really it's like an 80% overall improvement. Unless you're taking into account that safety is more important than beauty, in which case you'd have to do something highly math related to factor that in. Will someone do that and let me know? Math is so...numbery.

Also, there is still time to swim! The pool is still warm! Come one, come all! Seriously, we'd love to have you.

Utah in Tens

Rather than give you a play-by-play breakdown of each and every minute of our past 10 days in Utah, I thought I'd condense things a little bit and just make a Top 10 list for each of us. You are so welcome.

Dallin's Top 10 of Utah 2010 (in no particular order)

1. Cherry Hill (emphasis on Cardiac Canyon)
2. Stadium of Fire (emphasis on F-16 flyover and massive Eagle Court of Honor)
3. Temple Square (emphasis on new Salt Lake Temple model)
4. Squaw Peak (ooh la la)
5. Having the chance to listen to podcasts about computer stuff
6. The talent show at the Harris family reunion
7. The traditional roman candle fight after the fireworks in Richfield
8. Visiting the Hill Air Force Base Aerospace Museum
9. Driving golf balls at the family reunion; scaring everyone by hitting them onto the pavillion (by accident. Twice.)
10. Shooting his uncle's 9mm. Also twice.

Katie's Top 10 of Utah 2010 (also in no particular order)
1. Stadium of Fire (emphasis on Carrie Underwood and fireworks)
2. Razzleberry pie with Farr's vanilla ice cream at Cherry Hill
3. The ride "Wicked" at Lagoon
4. Looking at the stars at the family reunion
5. Having no cell service at the family reunion (it was nice to truly be away!)
6. Having time to "candy read" (Uglies and Pretties by Scott Westerfield)
7. Fabulous Utah food, including J-Dawgs, Farr's, and Maddox Drive-In
8. Having lots of help with the baby
9. Cherry Hill (emphasis on Cardiac Canyon and mini golf)
10. Seeing our family

Madelyn's Top 10 of Utah 2010 (perhaps in particular order...I tried to ask her and didn't get much of a response.)

1. Getting to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed sometimes because I made a fuss about sleeping in my pack-n-play.
2. My 4th of July outfit(s)
3. Being held by lots of different people
4. Sleeping in the car
5. Waking up in a new place almost every day
6. The finale of the fireworks show in Richfield
7. Splashing around in kiddie pools at Cherry Hill and Lagoon-A-Beach
8. Tasting everyone's ice cream at Farr's
9. Really working on my first tooth
10. Being told how adorable I am over and over

As usual, I totally slacked on taking pictures. Half the time, the camera would get left in the car so if there was something I really wanted a picture of, I had to use my phone. The above pictures were taken with my phone, so I guess it isn't that bad. Of course, I find it hard to believe that any picture of this girl could be anything but freakin adorable.

So anyway, we had a spectacular vacation and 4th! It was nice to get away and spend lots of time with each other and with our family!

The Case of the Disappearing Belly


One pregnant looking stomach.

Last seen: last night

Last seen with: Dallin and Katie

If you have any information, please contact us. We're not putting our phone number on the internet, duh. You're reading our blog. Contact us that way.

Ok but seriously...

I wake up, and my body looks like it doesn't even know what the word "pregnant" means, let alone that it has been experiencing it for 14 weeks.

But by bedtime, after a day's worth of eating and drinking, I look like this:

And even though I know this little pooch could still easily be interpreted as "Whoa. She's put on some pounds." instead of "Hey! A pregnant lady!" you gotta start somewhere.

Really, I'm ready for this come-and-go belly to become a perma-pooch. As it is, I end up just feeling really fat and bloated after I eat. Which is pretty annoying.

In other non-pregnancy news...we GRADUATED! Stay tuned for a post on that...I gotta get some pics from my mom's camera first.

But hey- it's summer! I love summer. Summer and I go waaaay back. It is a deep and abiding friendship that I can't wait to develop further this year.

Oh. Develop. My belly needs to do that.