Summer Fever

Several weeks ago, I started writing a post with the most creative title EVA!

Wait for it...

wait for it....


Oh yes. I reek of originality.

For whatever reason, my "Spring Fever" post never came to fruition. And now, Arizona's short-lived spring will very soon be coming to a close, and summer will be upon us.

And that's fine with me. I actually love summer. I have a shirt that says "Summer is funner" on it. Grammatical errors aside, this saying is so totally true.

And here's why:

1) No school. Which should be a no-brainer, BUT I should have had to take school this summer, BUT because I didn't get the right fingerprint clearance card in time to take a student-teaching class this semester, I can't take the follow-up class over the summer, SO I'll have to take school over the summer next year, BUT as for this summer...NO SCHOOL. Suh-weet.

2) $0.69 32 oz-ers at QT. Even though this seems to have become a permanent thing, and has been going on all winter long, I still associate it with summer. One-third white cherry slushy + two-thirds Dr. Pepper = refreshing summertime goodness. Also, one-fourth white cherry slushy + one-fourth watermelon slushy + one-half Sprite = refreshing summertime goodness. The downside is having to decide which refreshing summertime goodness to partake of.

3) Warm. Okay, not warm, hot. Okay, not hot...really, really, often ridiculously hot. But when you've been here your whole life, you kind of get used to it. Plus, if you've got a pool in the backyard and a freakin' adorable chubby baby to squeeze into a freakin' adorable giraffe-print swimsuit, well, the heat doesn't seem too bad.

4) Vacays. Probably at least Utah. And even if only for a few days, getting away is niiiice. Am I right?

5) Brightness and happiness. From the music to the clothes to the home decor to whatever the heck else, summer is bright and lovely. And lovely and bright.

As weird as many people might think it is, summer is so totally my favorite.

What are your summertime plans?