Trying New Things: The Oreo Edition

You all ready for this?

I honestly have a few things I could have talked about for my "Trying New Things" post this month, but having a special Oreo Edition seemed very fitting. Why? Because I have not one, not two, but THREE new Oreo varieties to discuss with you today. 

Perhaps someday, I'll learn that not every Oreo variety is absolutely necessary for me to try, and I'll walk out of the store with only a pack (or two) of Double Stuf, confident that the old classic is more than good enough for fulfilling my sandwich cookie needs.

But it is not this day. Behold:

Good lord.

Filled Cupcake Oreos. Red Velvet Oreos. And Cinnamon Bun Oreos. Cuh-razy. 

Lest I start gushing/waxing poetic/drooling on my keyboard, I'll try to keep these reviews fairly short and sweet. Kinda like Oreos. #seewhatididthere? #fullcircle

Cinnamon Bun Oreos:

These. These are ridiculously yummy. I honestly don't even really love cinnamon buns (gasp!), but that apparently doesn't matter when it comes to these Oreos, because these are kind of my favorite of the bunch. 

The cookie is where the cinnamon lives, and then the creme is kind of sweeter and creamier than normal Oreo creme. (Confession: I just Googled it to see if the creme is supposed to be flavored at all, and it is actually supposed to be "frosting" flavored, which totally makes sense. The package says "cinnamon bun flavored creme," and that doesn't make sense, because I really only taste the cinnamon in the cookie. But the frosting flavored creme -- yes.)

These have all the integrity of an original Oreo with a dash of cinnamon goodness thrown in. They're perfect with milk. Love love love.

Red Velvet Oreos:

These actually debuted last year, and were apparently popular enough to bring back. They're good. In my opinion, they're very sweet and also pretty rich. The cookies have a very distinctive red velvet flavor, and the creme has that creme cheese frosting thing going on. 

Don't hate on me or anything, but they're a little too much for me. I can eat them one at a time, but I tried indulging in a few (okay, four) at once with some milk...and I wasn't a fan. Too rich! It seems like a weird thing to say about four Oreos, but somehow, it's true. 

I will say that my husband looooooves these. He really, really does. So maybe I'm the weirdo? It wouldn't surprise me, tbh.

Filled Cupcake Oreos:

I...just....don't get these. From what I gather, they're supposed to taste like a Hostess "cupcake," so pretty much a chocolate cake with some vanilla creme inside. But do you know what a regular Oreo is? It's a chocolate cookie with vanilla(ish) creme inside.'re kind of trying to make an Oreo taste like something it pretty much already tastes like, which is kind of like...huh?

I'll give them this: the chocolate flavor of the creme does come through. BUT the vanilla part does not. kind of tastes like eating a chocolate Oreo. Which is great, I guess, but kind of makes the "special flavor" a letdown. 

And there you have it! The lowdown on the three latest Oreo flavors from a self-proclaimed Oreo connoisseur. 

And bytheway, did you see the

Oreo Vault

? I'm thinking of installing one in the back of my pantry.