The most expensive high chair ever

It all started when Amelia went to the doctor for her 6 month checkup.

"What's she eating?" the doctor asked.

"Breastmilk," I said. (What I didn't say: "Because it's easy and I'm lazy.")

"Great. It's probably time to start introducing solids." Blah blah rice cereal blah blah one food at a time blah blah. 

Back up: When Maddy was on her way, we were given a high chair, which was fantastic. No money + free stuff = fantastic. That high chair served us well for our first three kids, and then...I passed it on. I mean, we were done with it, at least for a while, and I wasn't too keen on storing it in the garage for who knows how many years. I'd rather have it be used, you know?

And then this happened. And the aforementioned doctor visit happened. And we were suddenly in need of a high chair. 

So I did my thing. Please note: "my thing" involves putting way too much thought and effort into making a decision that actually doesn't really matter at all. In this case, I looked up every kind of high chair in existence, read hundreds of reviews, weighed pros and cons (I had a list, you guys. A LIST.), and finally settled on a high chair I really liked and wanted. 

So I bought it. And it came. And I put it together. And it was great. didn't fit super well. 

When I say that, what I mean is that there wasn't room for it at the table. Or next to the table. Or in the vicinity of the table. Or in the kitchen. 

The high chair didn't fit in our house.

Which of course led us to an obvious solution: we needed a bigger house. 

And that, my friends, is the story of how this:

...became this: 


Yes, it's true. We moved. And I guess it wasn't all about the high chair, to tell you the truth. 

I've had all the feelings about moving, and I'm planning on sharing them soon. In the meantime, just know that we're in a new house, and our high chair fits in it. Which is awesome, and also a relief, because I do not want to move again any time soon. 

And now you can look forward to a series of posts about moving, furniture shopping, decorating, and freaking out. 

You lucky dog, you.