A New Favorite

I've discovered a new favorite. A new favorite author, to be exact.

Her name is Liane Moriarty. Liane, if you will, since I'd like to think we know each other well enough to just go by first names.

Actually, she doesn't know me at all. 

So it's Liane Moriarty.

If you're a reader, I'm sure you heard of her. Or at least heard of her books. Or at least seen her books' covers (I can't be the only one who sometimes recognizes books by their cover art, right?). I asked for one of her books for Christmas after it came highly recommended from a very trusted source

I read it and loved it. Like, really loved it. 

So when I heard about another of her books, I read that too. And loved it. 

So I hunted down something else she read, and I'm sure you see where this is going, but just in case you don't: I loved it.

She's the kind of writer I dream of being someday: clever, full of personality, engaging, and real. She's not afraid to explore troubling topics or express real, human thoughts, even if they show a character's not-so-perfect side. Her novels do contain some strong language and sexual content; it's not enough to be distracting and (in my opinion) is easily dismissed, but it is enough to maybe not make the books appropriate for younger readers. 

So what are these books that I fell in love with? In the order I read them:


The first of her books I read, this one is just lovely in so many ways. With a good amount of suspense, some heartbreaking happenings, and profound lessons learned, this one really just spoke to my soul in a lot of ways.


I don't use the phrase "couldn't put it down" very often, or really ever. But guys, I couldn't put this one down. The mystery of it all just sucked me in big time. I love the format, the characters, and the simultaneous insignificance and grand importance of the story. I almost just typed that this one is my favorite...but I couldn't do it because I love them all so much. But even the fact that I almost typed it should tell you something about how much I loved this one.


I consider this one the "heart-wrencher." So poignant, so charming, and so very real. This one was almost painful to read at times and had some laugh out loud moments thrown in. Oh, and the ending made me cry -- the sign of a true keeper.


So those are the three I've read. I'd recommend them to anyone. She also has a new book out, Truly Madly Guilty, that I'm pretty darn excited to read (in spite of less than stellar reviews). I'm planning on getting it for my birthday next week!

Have you read any of these books? Did you love them as much as I did? And do you have any recommendations of books I should read next? Please share!