A Good Day to Have a Good Day

I woke up this morning in a really good mood.

This doesn't happen very often (I'm, um, not a morning person), but it happened today.

So I'm writing it down.

Today I feel:


To have those words come out of my mouth (fingers?) at 7:30 AM is just...not normal for me.

But I like it.

Me, not feeling like going back to bed.

Me, not feeling like going back to bed.

I'm not sure why  I feel the need to share this, other than that it feels like a big deal to me. It feels like...possibility. 

You see, I'm really working on myself right now. I'm trying to become more positive, more hopeful, more willing to tackle some challenges and more able to know how to tackle them. 

And it feels like something is working.

Have a great day, friends. Really. Have a great day.