Stitch Fix -- April 2017

Oh, Stitch Fix. What am I going to do with you?

I really hoped that Stitch Fix would help me rebuild my wardrobe. Because holycrapyouguys, I need a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE. Unfortunately, I may have put a little too much faith in it, requesting pieces that haven't ended up working for me in the past (read: dresses and pants.) So after a total failure of a box (or two), I wised up and asked for a box full of some good old knit tops. And I finally got a box worth posting about! #cueangelssinging

If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, here's a brief overview of the personal styling service that is Stitch Fix

{about stitch fix}

Stitch Fix is an online styling/shopping service. For a $20 styling fee, they send you five clothing pieces or accessories that a personal stylist has chosen just for you, based on your style profile, special notes to your stylist, and even your Pinterest boards. When you receive the box, you can choose to purchase as many of the items as you want to keep forever, and then return what you don't want in the provided return bag (postage is prepaid!). Your $20 styling fee gets deducted from your shopping total, and if you love everything, you get a 25% discount off of the entire box!

You can choose to just receive one box (no subscription required!), or you can subscribe to receive boxes as often as you want them: every 2-3 weeks, monthly, every other month, or quarterly. So pretty much whenever you want.

Stitch Fix has been a great way for me to try some clothes that I may have never picked up in a store. It's also made it convenient for me to shop, since I don't have to drag my kiddos to a store with me just so they can hide in the racks the whole time. #truth

Honestly, some boxes are better than others. And some of the pieces are a little bit more expensive than the clothes I usually find for myself. (Remember -- you do have to BUY the items separately from your $20 styling fee!) But in my opinion, even keeping ONE thing from your box is worth it, since you get $20 off it! 

{full disclosure: the links to Stitch Fix in this post are referral links, so if you use one of these links and end up getting a box, I get a small credit put on my Stitch Fix account. So it's fun for everyone. Like Disneyland. Or a dance party. Or reading a book in your pjs, alone in bed. Mmmm. Wait, what are we talking about?}


{my stitch fix -- april 2017}

I was definitely excited to see that my box was full o'tops this time around. 5 tops. And there are about...idk...67 available "top" spaces in my closet. So the odds of keeping something were good, right?

Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Henley Top

first impressions: Looks like a cute plaid. I like that it's a pullover instead of a full button-up. Nice and long.

thoughts: I like it. I really, really like it. Buuuuuut (you know where this is going, when the "but" is so long) I just don't love it. Something about the color combo—the pinkish purple with the yellow—isn't my fave. The material seems prone to wrinkles. And it is veering into "awkwardly long territory." If this was hanging in my closet, I could see myself reaching for it over and over, only to end up not wearing it for one reason or another. So, RETURN. 


Market & Spruce Leah Pocket Tee Knit Top

first impressions: Dang it, this looks just like a shirt I already have (and considering how few I have, what are the freaking odds?!). Cute though. Maybe a little on the short side.

thoughts: Huh. Turns out it's not the length that bothers me, it's the sheerness. Thankfully it doesn't come through as much in the picture, but it was a little too see through in real life. And like I said, I've already got a nice gray pocket tee. RETURN.


Skies Are Blue Kendruh Layered Hem Knit Top

first impressions: "Kendruh," huh? Okay. Pretty color, 3/4 sleeves (heart eye emoji), nice idea. 

thoughts: Mmmmmm no. The layered detail in the front ended up cutting me off unattractively, and the fabric is a sort of weird slub material that looks kind of sloppy. Sorry, Kendruh. RETURN.


Le Lis Hammie French Terry Knit Top

first impressions: I lurve those polka dots. Not too obnoxious, but still fun and different. 

thoughts: Dingdingdingding we have a winner! This shirt is nice and soft, lightweight, and comfortable, and I really like the polka dots. I may have worn this one the day after I opened the box (note: I definitely did). KEEP.


Le Lis Sutherlin Contrast Print Knit Top

first impressions: Stripes and polka dots? Okay, if you say so...

thoughts: Not to sound like a grumpy old woman, but there is something cloyingly sweet about the polka dot/double stripe combo. Especially once you throw in the polka dot detail on the sleeve tabs. It ended up feeling a little juvenile to me. And the length (which would probably be too short after washing) was the nail in the coffin. RETURN.



Well, like I said before, I consider it a "win" if I keep even one thing from a box, because that means my styling fee can apply to it. So, I found that polka dot top and I feel pretty darn good about it.

I will say, though, that I might need to take a little Stitch Fix break sometime soon. I really like using it to add different pieces to my wardrobe that I can't find in stores...but right now, I'm just trying to fill my closet with the basics! And it just doesn't quite fill that need for me. We'll see, though.

Thanks for stopping by. You guys are cool. 

(Apparently that I was all I could come up with to end on. I think I need some sleep.)