That is the best word to describe today's weather. Dismal.

The view from my window:

It's been a very gray day. Gray=blah to me. I love me some sunshine.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the occasional rainy day...

but for some reason this rainy day has just seemed more....dismal...than the rest. Maybe because it's been more of a rainy week than a rainy day.

Maybe it's because I feel like this rain confined me to the house all day. My thought process was like, "Sure, there are a few things I could do today, but...it's raining. And cold. And such." Maybe that doesn't make sense...but how often do my thought processes make sense? mmhmm.

So I've mostly sat around, caught up on some blog reading, cleaned a bit, and snuggled with my baby.

So I guess it hasn't been that bad of a day.

However, I do wish the wind would stop acting like it's going to whisk us away to Oz. Could you do that for me, wind? Thanks, buddy.

I find solace in the fact that this should all be over by next week, and we can go back to our abnormally sunny January.

Until then, snuggle, people. Snuggle.