Ay yai yai

Is that really how you spell that? "Ay yai yai?" Really? That's odd.

Just thought I would let you know that I am still alive. But just barely.

The past 5ish days have been so.so.so.so. bad.

Food doesn't stay in. Weight doesn't stay on. Sleep isn't constant. Energy is nonexistent.

I'm convinced I've had some sort of other bug that is making me sick. Like, I'm not just pregnant-sick. I'm sick AND pregnant-sick. And it's bad.

It's especially bad because one of those past 5 days was Dallin's birthday. And I was simply unable to do anything to get ready for it or make it extra special. Oh, except...

Thankfully, I got this done right before the major sickness came on. Also thankfully, my mom and sisters helped me out with it. Cool, no? I'm a little proud.

I'm also still trying to make up for his birthday, which was now two days ago. We'll see what I come up with. He deserves so much.

Anyway, I'm feeling better today than I have in a while. Hopefully it keeps up, because I would really like to get back to life now.

I didn't know you cared!

Remember how it was my birthday last Sunday?

Well, it was.

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes! I felt very loved.

In fact, I felt the love from some places that I really didn't expect. Observe:

A local radio station. Honestly, I'm not sure how they knew it was my birthday...

The dental office that I went to to get my wisdom teeth out two years ago. I haven't been back since. Also, I don't think I got anything from them last year...

And, my personal favorite, DefensiveDriving.com. I had to take an online Defensive Driving course a few years ago after some Texas cops decided to be jerks. It wasn't anything to do with my driving. Anyway, didn't hear from them last year either. Make sure you read the message. It's very thoughtful.

Isn't that sweet of them to care about my safety? I wonder why they want me to be safe as a 23 year old, but didn't really care what happened to me as a 22 year old...

Anyway, it was a great birthday weekend! Dallin took me to dinner (Liberty Market. Have you been? GO.) then to ride the gondolas at the Hyatt. Then the next day, I made THE amazing cookie bars (yummmm), and had a nice relaxing day, and then that night we had dinner at Red Robin with my family, and then did a little shopping. Then on my actual birthday I was surprised with more presents and had a yummy family dinner of my choosing. It was, in a word, spectacular.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes on here and on Facebook. I am so lucky to have so many people that care! Including Texas defensive driving course companies!

Also, a few of you asked for the amazing cookie bar recipe. There was a link to it in the last post, but here it is again: click here for the amazing cookie bar recipe that will change your life.

Have a good one, y'all.

Also, P.S. and Furthermore

It's my birthday on Sunday. Woot!

I've already decided that I would like to celebrate the birth of myself by making myself these cookie bar things:

Yes, these are the cookie bar things I blogged about like, a year ago.

No, I haven't made them yet.

Yes, I have been dreaming about them ever since.

No, that's not exactly true.

Yes, it is.

No, I haven't had the time, motivation, or perfect occasion for which to make them.

Yes, I am determined to make them this weekend.

No, I'm not sharing.

Yes, I really do think you're actually asking me all of these questions.

No, I don't mind.

Have a lovely day! Make yourself a treat you've been wanting to make for a while. Just deciding to do so will fill you with joy. And then actually doing so will fill you with more joy. And a yummy treat.

1st Amendment: I will absolutely share. These things are freaking delicious...but only 2 or 3 bites will do you in. Seriously.


Dallin's birthday was yesterday!

I LOVE Dallin.

Would you like to know why?

Well, I'll tell you why.

25 Reasons Dallin is the Best Ever, Because He's 25 and Awesome

1. He makes sure I know that he loves me. And he does a heck of a job.
2. His love for Madelyn is obvious. He couldn't hide it if he tried.
3. He is devoted to everything he does, whether it's a house project, a job at work, or a church calling. He's always in 100%.
4. He is a worthy priesthood holder.
5. He loves learning.
6. He's willing to try just about anything.
7. He always tries to do what's right by everyone.
8. He knows how to let go and have fun.
9. He is very smart and really knows his stuff.
10. He's ambitious; he's got big goals and is determined to make them happen.
11. He values family and gets along with my family as well as his own.
12. He is just the right height.
13. He'll eat anything and say it's great...even if I know it isn't.
14. He looks fiiiiiine all dressed up.
15. He gets my sense of humor and even seems to like it.
16. He'll do any job that I don't want to do. All I have to do is ask.
17. He's never, ever, given me grief about spending money.
18. He's not shy and gets along really well with just about anyone.
19. He's very responsible.
20. He takes pride in his work and knows the value of a job well done.
21. He's adventurous.
22. He puts up with whatever sillyness I decide to display on any given day...Disneyness, craftiness, shoppingness...
23. He smells great.
24. He'll take on any diaper change.
25. He genuinely wants me to be happy, and actively works to make it happen.

Wow, that was actually easy. I mean, not like I thought it would be hard to come up with 25 good qualities my husband has...but you know, sometimes these kind of lists get longer than you expected. But no, I probably could have kept going for a while.

Which really doesn't surprise me at all.

Ti amo, bambino. Cosya ahsome!


On January 24, 1985, my favorite person was born.

This guy.

Of course, he didn't look like this when he was born. He probably wasn't wearing the tux, anyway.

For all you math-minded people: 2009 - (as in minus) 1985 = 24!

24 on the 24th. Golden Birthday. This is what I was dealing with.

So we had some friends over the night before the big day for pizza and such. Also, there may or may not have been a craps table involved. May or MAY NOT, people. Don't jump to conclusions, please. We had a grand old time...whatever we may or MAY NOT have done....

The morning of the main event, we slept in. Love sleeping in. I think this has rubbed of a bit on Dallin, too. When we did get up, I made him his favorite breakfast (crepes and bacon. We love bacon.) and we played some Mario Kart on the wii we borrowed from my parents. I also gave him a coupon book, giving him coupons to make me do things I should do anyway. After a pretty lazy afternoon, we met up with my parents and little sister for something that you might not be expecting:


My mom saw tickets for this thing a little while ago, and thought it might be fun to go for Dallin's birthday, so go we did! Along with tons of other people. And these weren't just any people. No. These were Monster Jam people. These were get a tattoo of Grave Digger people. These were give your kid a mullet people. These people had character. They made the whole experience, really.

Other things that helped with the experience:




Good times.

I love my 24 year old hubby. He is the best there is and I'm grateful that I got to celebrate another birthday with him, and that I get to celebrate several more with him. Happiness abounds!

Since I titled this post 24, I feel I should also mention that I love the tv show 24, and feel complete now that it is the 24 season once again. GO GET THOSE TERRORISTS, JACK!!

My other favorite show is Gilmore Girls. Paradox much?

In other news, our blog (on blogspot) is pink. Don't tell Dallin. I think it is Valentines-y, obviously. He would think it was...pink.

Also, my comments are being trippy! I have approved several comments on a couple posts, and yet the page insists on not showing them! What am I doing wrong, blog?! Tell me! People are going to think I'm a loser without blog comments! But anyway, if you've commented and don't see your comment, it is not because I did not approve of your comment. It is also not because I hate you. I hate pretty much no one.

And I especially hate pretty much no one that reads my blog. Group hug!