Stitch Fix -- September 2016

Holy cow, you guys. This month's Stitch Fix box is my favorite yet.

I mean, #spoileralert, but I had to come right out of the gate with that. I just couldn't contain myself. 

Let me take 6 steps back and tell you about Stitch Fix, just in case you don't know.

{about stitch fix}

Stitch Fix is an online styling/shopping service. For a $20 styling fee, they send you five clothing pieces or accessories that a personal stylist has chosen just for you, based on your style profile, special notes to your stylist, and even your Pinterest boards. When you receive the box, you can choose to purchase as many of the items as you want to keep forever, and then return what you don't want in the provided return bag (postage is prepaid!). Your $20 styling fee gets deducted from your shopping total, and if you love everything, you get a 25% discount off of the entire box!

You can choose to just receive one box (no subscription required!), or you can subscribe to receive boxes as often as you want them: every 2-3 weeks, monthly, every other month, or quarterly. So pretty much whenever you want.

Stitch Fix has been a great way for me to try some clothes that I may have never picked up in a store. It's also made it convenient for me to shop, since I don't have to drag my kiddos to a store with me just so they can hide in the racks the whole time. #truth

Honestly, some boxes are better than others. And some of the pieces are a little bit more expensive than the clothes I usually find for myself. (Remember -- you do have to BUY the items separately from your $20 styling fee!) But in my opinion, even keeping ONE thing from your box is worth it, since you get $20 off it! 

{full disclosure: the links to Stitch Fix's site are referral links, so if you receive a box by signing up through my link, I get a liiiittle bit of credit. And liiiittle bits of credit are fun. But if you're just annoyed that I'm even mentioning this...forget I said anything. We cool.}


{my stitch fix -- september 2016}

So like I said, this box was fantastic. Wonderful. Superb. Smashing.

And now that I've talked it up so much that it could never possibly live up to your expectations, here's what was inside...

Tart Milla Crew Neck Knit Top ($58)

first impressions: It's maroon and gold! Those are ASU's colors! And I love ASU! And it's football season! And the first game is Saturday! And I hope we win! But how is Wilkins going to be? Wait -- what am I talking about? Oh, the shirt. STRIPES.

Couldn't resist throwing up the pitchfork! Go Devils!

Couldn't resist throwing up the pitchfork! Go Devils!

thoughts: So cute! Soft, flattering, striped, and in my team's colors! Where do I sign? KEEP.


Renee C Cally Pencil Skirt ($48)

first impressions: Cute pattern. Stretchy. Looks nice and long.

thoughts: Cute, comfortable, and different from what I have. I like the more contemporary pattern; it's not what I usually go for but I think that's a good thing! KEEP. 


Laju Larni Split Back Top ($58)

first impressions: Love the color scheme. Love the plaid. Don't love the tails in the back. Hmmm...

thoughts:  So this is kind of a toughie. I like the shirt a lot. can't tell from this picture, but the back is significantly longer than the front. (Check out my video on my Instagram to see what I mean). I think I like it enough to keep it, but I'm not 110% sure. UNDECIDED.


Laila Jayde Belcaro Elbow Patch Detail Knit Top ($54)

first impressions: I'm a sucker for elbow patches, but I don't actually own anything with elbow patches. Could this be the day? Not sure about the color/pattern, though.

stitch fix september 2016 - 1.JPG

thoughts: Holy mother of Ishmael, this thing is soft. And I don't mind the pattern at all once it's on. And I love the buttons. And I LOVE the elbow patches (check Instagram again. I apologize for not being better with my pictures.) But I just really love this shirt. Stay with me. KEEP.


Laila Jayde Diedro Pullover Knit Top ($58)

first impressions: Dark purple is my JAM. This feels soft and nice. Too plain?

thoughts: There is a nice piping detail down the front that I hadn't noticed before I put it on. It adds shape to the top and makes it much more flattering. The thing is soft and lovely and have I mentioned that I LOVE THIS COLOR?! Idk, guys, I think it's a KEEP.



So, if you haven't noticed, we've got a little problem here. Or no problem at all, if you have complete disregard for my bank account. Here's the thing: if I keep the four things I totally love, it would cost $198. BUT, if I keep everything, I get a 25% discount, which would mean I'd pay $187. It's cheaper to keep it all! Of course, if I somehow narrowed it down to 3, then we're looking in the $140 range. 

And then of course, there's the fact that these are all very FALL items that are very suited to FALL weather...which doesn't happen around here until, like, November.

What to do, friends? What to do?

Okay but really. Help.

And if you want to try out Stitch Fix yourself, use this link and sign on up!